Push Through It.

Yesterday, along with my longtime friend, mentor and preferred lender Jackie Fields-Gleadall, we started facilitating day 1 of Brian Buffini’s Pathway to Mastery Essentials course (with intro from the amazing J’aime Sans Souci Nowak!).

Throughout my career I have taken and facilitated Brian’s 100 Days to Greatness (Sherry Wilson started me on the path to learning early!) and Peak Producers courses multiple times. This style of learning works for me, and the foundational aspect of each course helps to recenter me in my business each and every time.

In the session yesterday Brian was talking about plateaus, and how what happens when we hit a plateau in our business is that what was once our goal becomes our standard.

I love that! Once your goal becomes your standard though, in order to grow, you need a new and bigger goal.

That can also be stressful. Once what was your goal becomes your standard, you are constantly holding yourself to a higher standard. You know all the work it took for you to get there, and so you know a bit of what it will take to both stay there, and also get to the next level.

That can be overwhelming to many of us, and that is where I often see agents quit. Quit trying, quit growing, quit learning, sometimes even quit the business all together.

If this all sounds familiar to you, say “I”.

I’ve been there. My struggle was often getting to a new place and then having no idea what to do from there. Where to go, who to turn to, what to try. It is then that I would start falling prey to all the “shiny objects”. The things that I could pay for that would magically make it all better. Spoiler alert: that doesn’t work.

Brian said when you hit a plateau that you are trying to push through what you need most to invest is your TIME. Learning, trying, testing, tracking. That is what will help you to bust through. That is what will help you to understand what you need next. Sometimes that will mean investing in a new product or system or coaching program. Sometimes that will mean re-adjusting the infrastructure of your business. Without investing that time, you’ll never know.

No great solutions, inspirational quotes or aspirational edicts for you this morning … I just wanted to share something that spoke to me. Food for thought, if you will.

Have you ever hit a plateau in your business, and if so, how did you push past it?

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