Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Do you know who your ideal client is?

I’ve often heard Kara Macdonald refer to this as your “avatar”.

We had a fascinating conversation at our team meeting yesterday led by our Relationship Manager Mikayla Leybovich. As we are working to grow and expand our business we are working to get more clear on who our ideal client is.

The why is easy … the clearer you are on who your ideal client is, the easier it will be to find them.

Think about who your ideal client is. Are they first time homebuyers or move up buyers? Are they home sellers in a particular neighborhood or geographic area?

Now think about where they shop, what they do, where they work. Hopefully you’ve worked with your “ideal client” a time or two in the past so this will help you to put together this profile.

For example, my ideal client is a home seller in a particular geographic area. Based on the area, I have a strong idea of where they shop, their favorite place to stop for coffee, their restaurant options for Friday night take out. I also have a tremendous amount of experience with these clients and when I think back over these transactions patterns start to emerge with reasons for living in the area, commuting options, etc.

Once you have these ideas in mind, now you can target your blog posts, social media posts, Facebook ads and more based on these criteria. Is there a commuter rail station that is popular amongst homeowners who commute in this particular area? Target posts with helpful tips like train schedules, podcasts to listen to during your ride, etc. Where is the likely coffee stop for your ideal client? Maybe a Facebook Live from there interviewing a barista, talking about popular drinks, and a gift card giveaway.

For me, the more I niche down in my business, the more successful I have been. This exercise is a great way for you to identify those niches in your business and to target areas of focus.

Describe your ideal client in the comments!

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