What Is Your Sales Style?

My family adopted two kittens yesterday!

I haven’t had a kitten in over 20 years. We are all so excited to welcome these two rascally brothers into our family. Being big Disney and Marvel fans, they have been named Thor and Loki … after the God of Thunder and the God of Mischief, also brothers. (If you know, you know. 😉 )

My family has been trying to talk me into kittens for YEARS. When my son and I went grocery shopping last weekend we noticed signs for an “adoption event” at the adjacent pet store, so we walked in, just to look.

That is where we met Karen.

Let me tell you about Karen. She was one of the volunteers with the rescue organization that was putting on the event, and was one of the best sales people I’ve ever seen.

She wasn’t pushy.
She noticed my son and I looking and after a few minutes took an interest in us and asked questions.
As we answered her questions she would casually pick up this cat and that kitten, making comments about them that complimented the things we said.
She “took it away” … when I said we really weren’t looking to add to our family, she suggested fostering instead.
She told me about the adoption process, what I would need to do, how long it would take, how much it cost.
She gave me her card.

Our entire interaction probably only took 10 minutes (or less), but was obviously very effective (see photo of super cute kittens!).

How are your sales skills?

Are you pushy or are you too aloof?
Do you notice, pay attention and ask questions?
Do you make suggestions based on those answers?
Do you ever “take away” to check motivation?
Are you clearly explaining the process and what is involved?
Do you hand out your card?

These seem like simple things, but they are the foundation of our business and without strong sales skills you will struggle with consistency.

Which of these areas do you struggle with the most?

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