What Is Your Motivation?

Money has never been a motivator for me. Yes, I do enjoy making money, and I love the freedom that comes from a comfortably sized bank account, but it isn’t what drives me. I’ve never set out to do something (or not do something) based on what it will cost me or what it will make me. Now I have many friends and know many wonderful people that don’t necessarily share this view. I’m not saying that I’m right or wrong or they are right or wrong, but I know that this is what feels right for me. For me, I’d rather give first and figure out the rest later. I’d rather focus on the action or the person and trust that I will be taken care of. And you know what? I always have. Even in times of a difficult market when I have struggled financially and experienced a lot of stress as a result, it’s always been okay. What I know for sure, is that when I focus on giving, on being generous, focus outside of myself, the reward is and will always be tenfold. What you give out in slices will come back in loaves. Happy Friday Ladies!

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