What Is Your Dream?

“Be crazy enough to think you can do anything in life.”

You can you know.

Maybe that makes me crazy, but I tend to think that most anything is possible … for other people.

Do you dream of being a ballerina, dancing with the Russian ballet? Never mind that you are a lady of a certain age and have never taken a dance class, I’ll be right here cheering for you and believing it will happen. In fact, I’ll even help you shop for the best leotards and research flights to Russia. I believe in you and your dream that much.

But for me, setting aside my personal sales to focus on helping my team to grow and thrive and building my own coaching business to serve women in real estate in a bigger way sometimes feels a little nuts. Nevermind that I have over 17 years of experience. Nevermind that I have held most every position in the industry (independent agent, agent on a team, team leader, managing broker). Nevermind that I have personally sold over 700 homes. Nevermind that I have successfully coached and mentored hundreds of agents in my career. Nevermind that I have an amazing team of 31 truly incredible women who already serve many hundreds of families every year. Nevermind that I am already serving more than 80 Realtors® in my coaching program who are learning, and growing and implementing in their businesses each week.

Let me tell you a secret, sometimes, when it comes to my own goals and dreams and aspirations, the further they stray from my “norm”, the less likely I am to think that they are actually possible for me.

Now that, my friends, is crazy.

What is your dream?

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