What Do You Love?

It’s Valentine’s Day!

This may be a day that you love, or a day that you dread. Either way, let’s put aside the romantic notions for a moment and talk about other things that we love.

Me, I love words.

I love the spoken word … listening to others who are eloquent speakers, and speaking them out loud myself. Sometimes I’ll say words that I didn’t think I knew, but suddenly they come out of my mouth at just the right moment to fill just the right sentence.

I love the written word … reading them and writing them. Sometimes they flow so easily from my fingers as I type that I truly have no idea where they are coming from. There is a spot in my brain that seems to engage and everything makes sense.

I’ve joked with friends that words are my spiritual gift. I’ve often been known by those I work with as the person to come to when you need word-smithing or spinning when working on marketing pieces, handling difficult situations, language to use in contracts and more.

I love to use alliteration when naming programs or classes. I love words like ancillary, fatiguing, plethora, bravado. Fun to say, fun to type.

This is my thing. Words are my jam.

Now tell us, what is something that you love? Not people, or places or pets, but a something, maybe intangible, maybe unusual, that you love.


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