Welcome, Spring!

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for … it’s the first day of Spring! 🌷

Depending on where you live, the Spring real estate market may have been going strong for weeks now. You may also live in a place where snow is still not off the table. But at least now the calendar is affirming for us that bluer skies and warmer weather is on the way.

At our team meeting yesterday we were saying how amazing it would be if we could work hard 6 months of the year (Spring market) then take a month or two off. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Unfortunately, our business doesn’t work that way. When we stop engaging with our business, the business stops coming in. It’s important to continue with the consistent cycle of prospecting, following up, keeping in touch, and putting yourself out there. It can be exhausting, and a little frustrating and a lot defeating to think that you can put in weeks, months or years worth of work and the moment you step away it dissolves very quickly.

So what’s the fix? Systems. Having a system and a plan for follow up can go a long way towards keeping your business going as automated as possible.

Do you have a system, or is this a pain point in your business?

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