Mindset Is Everything.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to watch a broadcast of the Brian Buffini Success Tour with my team and some colleagues (thank you again Jackie Fields-Gleadall for helping to put on this event!).

There were several great takeaways. One of my favorite was when Brian said that “the business is easy, but the job is hard”.

He was saying that if you were a nurse, you would know how to handle blood. If a patient came in to the hospital with a cut and needed help you wouldn’t get worked up about it, you would handle it because that is what you are trained to do. It’s your job.

The same with us in real estate. We often lament all of the challenges and problems that we have to deal with. Appraisal issues. Difficult clients. Inspection problems. I could list a hundred and one things and still not be done. Brian’s point was that handling the problems is our job. It is what we are trained for. It is where our experience comes from. We shouldn’t get worked up when they happen because they are inevitable and is part of our purpose.

I liked this mindset. It is a mindset, you know. How often do we go on and on about the problems we have in our business? And it is legitimate. The issues that we deal with cause us tremendous stress and anxiety at times. I wonder though, if we approach those problems with a different mindset … that of course we will have problems and we will handle them because it is what we do … would that mindset shift make handling them any easier?

It is an interesting thought, and one that I will keep in mind when my next trouble spot arises (which knowing this business, will be tomorrow, lol). I’m curious to see if it will make a difference.

What do you think?

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