Today is your day

I’m headed to the hospital this morning for a mastectomy. It has been a truly challenging last 6 weeks or so.

Many (well meaning) folks gave me the advice not to share publicly my current struggle at all or at least until it was over for fear of how it may affect my business or be “used against me”. That didn’t feel right to me. That felt like hiding and didn’t feel authentic.

So, I chose to share publicly, and I’ve included my personal post here below in hopes that it may help some of you with your own messaging should you need it. We all have struggles, and whether you choose to share or not, at the end of the day we are all just people. And most people truly care and want to help each other.

I’m truly grateful for this group and community that has been built as a result. ❤️

Today is the day, I’m on my way …

To Reston Hospital for a mastectomy. Yes, it sucks. But it’s going to be okay. Maybe not off to great places in the traditional sense, but my doctors are truly great. My mountain is for sure waiting, and I’m at peace with it … and ready to climb and conquer.

I have a long history of breast issues (the right one, for those who are curious and will struggle to make eye contact with me the next time you see me while you try to figure out which is which) and rare tumors. This is my 7th surgery to treat this issue, with the most recent not quite 10 months ago. I’ve averaged a surgery just about every other year for the past so many years, so I am truly grateful to see this come to an end.

Initial pathology on this one was scary, but the second opinion was less sure, and for that I am grateful. I’m going with the latter until proven otherwise. We won’t know for sure until it is out. Either way, I am incredibly grateful that surgery is my cure, with possibly some radiation (won’t know for sure until later). Reconstruction will be completed with a final surgery early next year and I will be good as new … or at least better than a 45 year old woman with 3 children. I’ll be very grateful for that result.

A long post for this morning, but this is the most efficient method to spread the word … and you know I love efficiency!

It also needs to be said, that while I may be down for a couple weeks recovering, my business isn’t closed! I have been truly grateful over the years to have been entrusted by so many of you to serve you, your family and your friends with your real estate needs. Your continued trust and referrals are more important than ever. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office at 703-999-3601. They are amazing and will help get anyone started until I am up and about in a few short weeks.

My family is overwhelmed with quite a lot currently as my in laws are dealing with some health challenges as well. Those of you who know have reached out and we have been continually blessed with delicious meals, help moving the Cooper boys from place to place with their activities, and more. Joshua Cooper and I are not likely to be able to be responsive the next couple weeks, so I would request filtering any offers, thoughts or needs through my truly wonderful and dearest friends Vicky Noufal, Jackie Fields-Gleadall or Melissa Oliver. They will know what we need and how to help.

My 2018 word of the year is grateful. That has sure been a struggle at times, but I feel it now more than ever … truly, truly grateful.


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