I have a special treat for you today … a FREE newsletter template courtesy of Empower Coaching!
Click the link below to open the template in Canva, then add your photo and contact information and you are good to go! I share my newsletter on social media, but you can also email it out to your database, or print and mail it.
Each month we share many of these templates with our Empower Coaching members … from our professionally written newsletters to postcard templates, pop by tags and more.
This is just a small portion of what you receive through our program … which is just $59 per month, only through the end of September!
We have huge changes coming which includes an educational website backend to easily share and find our hundreds of instructional videos, and much more … including a substantial price adjustment.
You’ll want to sign up now before the price goes up … less than $750 for a year of marketing, templates, ideas and group coaching? That’s a no-brainer!
Canva Newsletter Template …

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