Podcast Episode 23: Getting Back to Work

There are many parts of our country that are starting to “open” back up. I was speaking to someone in North Carolina earlier this week and she said that most all businesses in their area are open. My state of Virginia is moving to “phase 1” of opening this week, although it was just announced that my region of Northern Virginia will remain “closed” until May 29th. Still … things are shifting and we need to shift with it. As we gear up to get back to normal in our businesses … I have a solid strategy that I have used multiple times in my career. Whether you are getting back to work because you’re coming off maternity leave, illness, another position … or even a global pandemic, there are simple ways to build back up momentum! I’ll be sharing my proven methods on today’s episode of Empowering Women In Real Estate – The Podcast.  Great news too if you are a new agent … many of these strategies are a great way to get your business off the ground running. You can listen in on iTunes, Stitcher or your favorite podcast platform, or right within the blog post on our website, www.EmpoweringWomenInRealEstate.com. How are things where you are? Are you getting back to work? 

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