Plan Of The Week!

Welcome to your Empowering Women In Real Estate Plan of the Week for July 15-19, brought to you by Empower Coaching!

-Write 5 personal notes. We are in the thick of summer vacation season, so this can be a great topic.

-Post 2 business social media posts. Remember … settlement and listing photos do not count! Maybe try a post about last minute summer vacation options, or highlight a fun local area or festival for a “staycation”.

-Identify or establish the pillars in your business. This is a new one, and is part of building a strong foundation to your business that will benefit you for years to come. Pillars are the “categories” or sources where your business comes from, or where you would like it to come from. Ideally, you will have 3-4 in your business. Mine are social media, referrals/repeat clients/sphere (I lump these into one pillar as they are inter-related to me), geographic farming and business to business referrals.

-Send an email drawing giveaway to your database.

-Prepare and send pop by mailers … this is a first for the group! My team started incorporating these a few years ago because we had clients that we would like to gift a pop by too, but they lived a little too far away to make that practical … enter the pop by mailer! This is simply a small gift that you mail. All of the ones that we do use a regular stamp. This month my team is doing a apple pancake recipe card with cinnamon packets.

Having a clear business and marketing plan is crucial to a successful real estate business. Do you find these plans helpful or wish you had more details, guidance and accountability? Then I would encourage you to consider my Empower Coaching program. Through this monthly membership (no contract, strictly month to month) I provide coaching and marketing systems for women in the real estate industry. Clear direction, delivered step by step. New enrollments will reopen on August 1st. Visit and click on the Shop tab for more information.

Make it a great week!

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