“It Comes In Waves”!

For much of my life I have been chasing happiness.

Happy with myself. Happy with my real estate business. Happy with my family and friends. Happy with how much money I have. Happy with how my house looks.

I thought that happiness meant being happy all the time, and that if I wasn’t constantly happy then clearly something was wrong with myself and my life. This endless pursuit of happiness actually left me feeling much less happy, often down and depressed, and anxious. Everything but happy.

Then one day I suddenly realized that happiness is not a constant state of being, happiness comes in waves. And that is perfectly okay.

Life is full of ups and downs. Highs and lows. Mixed emotions. Beautiful experiences, and desperately tragic ones. In our business alone we can go from furious to frustrated to disappointed to elated in the span of an hour (sometimes less!). If that isn’t a microcosm of life I don’t know what is!

My message today is the same one I gifted to myself. Go easy. Release the expectation that everything needs to be perfect and that you can be happy 24/7. Instead strive for peace. Calmness. Self assuredness. Then, you can thoroughly enjoy the happiness when it comes at the crest of the wave, and when you are at the lowest point, in the trough, you can hold strong knowing that this too shall pass.

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