Make Sure You Are Putting In “The Good Stuff”!

Yesterday while waiting for two of my sons at the orthodontist’s office I decided to watch a video on YouTube. I came across a video of Pamela Waldrop Shaw, a top sales person and National Sales Director for Mary Kay. The video was of a talk she gave at one of their conferences, and it was so powerful! (Here is a link if you want to check it out yourself

One of my favorite take aways was when Ms. Shaw said, “what entertains you, trains you”. Let that sink in a moment.

Everything we choose to listen to, read, watch, scroll … even “mindless” entertainment is training us. It is affecting our mindset. It is teaching us good or bad habits. It is reinforcing beliefs we already hold to be true, or teaching us new ways of thinking.

Isn’t that the truth? For years and years I have focused my “extra” time on putting “good stuff” in. Listening to business and personal growth podcasts in the car or while I’m folding laundry at home. Listening to books on the same topic while getting ready in the morning. Reading similar books at night before bed. Watching motivational, inspirational or educational videos during my “lunch break” each day. I avoid the news like the plague. I scroll past (or unfollow) consistently negative or political rants in my feed.

When I put good stuff in, I am much more able to get the good stuff out. As Ms. Shaw says during her talk, you can’t input one thing into a computer or printer and expect something totally different to come out. The two are directly related.

Now look, I do enjoy a little Netflix from time to time, but not all the time. I think I enjoy it more because it is something I do that is “special” on certain evenings.

How about you? Are you inputting good stuff on a regular basis?

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