Later this morning I will be hitting the road to the beach with my team for our annual retreat! For sure it is a lot of fun, but it is a lot of work too. We have been planning this for months, and even more intensely the past many weeks. We will be there for a jam packed 64 hours, but if it is anything like last time, we will all leave excited and refreshed, practically giddy from our time together. This year is especially sweet as we were unable to go away for our retreat last year due to COVID.

The primary purpose of our retreat is review and goal setting. We spend time reviewing where we’ve been this year, then we place it in the past … ceremonially with a polar plunge … and then focus on 2022. Setting our new year goals, masterminding and committing to the activities needed to complete them and so much more.

You don’t need a team or even a retreat-style getaway to do this in your own business! Schedule a few hours with a colleague or two, or even your broker and go through this review and goal setting together. I have found that it is always more impactful (and fun!) to do this work alongside others. Then map out your marketing plan and event schedule for next year. Refresh any of your marketing materials that need an update.

November is really the time to be setting yourself up for a strong business in the new year. Imagine how good it will feel come January 1 to know that you have a plan of action. When the market heats up for spring, you will be less likely to drop your prospecting and go into crisis (I mean, transaction) control mode because you have already mapped out what you will do and when. When summer rolls around and you are ready for vacation mode, your business won’t screech to a grinding halt because you will continue to follow your established plan while you have fun in the sun. You’ll be poised and ready to take advantage of the market resurgence next fall and fully enjoy the holiday season next year because you will have taken the guess work out of what to do and when. Do things come up and plans change? Sure! Will you have new ideas that you want to implement right away? Yep! But you will have laid the foundation for a strong business, so everything else is just a bonus … all you have to do is execute!

Be sure to follow along with me on this week’s activities in my Instagram stories, @karen.w.cooper.

And if you want to go through the same review and goal setting process that I do with my team, join our Empowering Women in Real Estate Inner Circle … I’m sharing the workbook and process with everyone on Thursday! You can learn more and join at

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