Growing The Source!

A couple weeks ago our team gathered at Jackie Fields-Gleadall’s office to watch Brian Buffini’s “Bold Predictions” (if you missed it, it aired last week on his podcast). It is always very interesting to hear his opinion on the state of the real estate market and where things are going.

There were several great takeaways, but one of my favorites was this (and I’m totally paraphrasing here) … of all of the real estate transactions closed this year, only 10% generated from online lead sources. Now I don’t recall where he quoted his sources from, but when I think about my own business and the business of my team, this statistic definitely rings true.

Yet … we spend so much time chasing after that 10% trying to figure out online advertising, buying online leads, fretting and complaining about how the lead quality has gone down, how people never respond or call us back, on and on. Could it be that while we are sitting in our offices trying to chase down that “impression” that we receive online, that person is out with a realtor they know or who was referred to them looking at the house?

What would happen in our businesses if we focused our efforts on the 90% instead? Would we take back control of our businesses? How much more smoothly would our transactions go if we were working with people who know, like and trust us?

Take a long hard look at your business this year. What was your single largest lead source? What could you do to grow that source in 2019?

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