**Friday Favorites**

Can you believe the new year will be here next week? Time sure passes quickly.

If you are anything like me you are probably itching to clean out and declutter for a fresh start to the new year … enter, Green Drop!

You go to www.GoGreenDrop.com, enter your zip code to see when they will be in your area and schedule your pick up. Then, on your assigned date put your boxed/bagged items out on your porch/by your door and voila … they will be picked up by the end of the day! So easy!

You can also indicate which charity you want your items to go to, and they will leave a receipt/tag at your door. I live in a relatively rural location and they are still in my area for pick ups at least once a month. I usually keep a bag or box in my garage or closet at all times so I can add items to it as needed.

Here’s a picture of my pile that was picked up yesterday. Less clutter for me, plus helping others in need … it’s a win-win!

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