Four days post op, things I am grateful for …

-Family and friends. So many deliveries of food, yummy treats, balloons, books, flowers.

-Aunt Coo Coo (Shirley Sanbower) has been toting my kids hither and yon, doing her best to make me edible soup (cooking is not her gift), and brought me (most likely Uncle Reggie made) my favorite applesauce cake that we only have at Christmas.

-Cute new Halloween pajamas.

-My “recovery pouch” little apron thing that holds my drains and my cell phone … super convenient! I may try to bring the apron back after this.

-My favorite chair, my Sleep Number bed, mindless TV.

-My incredible Platinum Group Real Estate team who has jumped right in and taken amazing care of my clients without missing a beat.

-Ben who squeezes my lemon into my warm water in the morning (Did you know that you engage your chest muscles using the little hand juicer thing? Now I do. Couldn’t do it. At. All.) Ryan who checks on me frequently, Tyler who ever so gently covers me up or rubs my arm.

-Joshua Cooper who somehow manages to make me feel attractive even though I am pretty sure I smell bad (yesterday was the first time I was allowed to shower, and it was hard) and even while he is dumping the blood and stuff out of my drains twice a day.

Yes, I’m quite lopsided at the moment, but things aren’t nearly as scary looking as I thought. I look like me, just smaller and with this weird thing making odd shapes under my skin (it’s the spacer, phase 1 of reconstruction). The swelling and general weird skin and yuckiness under my arm makes me grateful that it is fall and we are fully into long sleeve season. It’s all only temporary.

Mostly, I am incredibly grateful for a smooth surgery and for the immense calm and strength I felt on that day. I know for sure that it was a “God thing” and due at least in part as a result of the many thoughts and prayers from all of you. ❤️

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