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I do NOT have cancer. ❤️ 🙏

The best way to say it is just to say it! My initial diagnosis on August 28th from a needle biopsy was a “periductal stromal sarcoma”, a very rare malignant tumor. Shocking. Terrifying. Heart wrenching.

It was around 10 days later than a 2nd opinion on that pathology revealed that it could be that, or that it could be a non-malignant version of a phyllodes tumor (also rare, but I’ve had 4 of them before). Since hearing that possibility I’ve had 100% faith that it was the latter, not the former, and we were right! God is so good.

My big tumor (5.1 cms) and all of her baby tumors (essentially all my tissue was “diseased”, no wonder I have had so many recurrences) were a borderline (not benign, but also not malignant) phyllodes tumor. Surgery was my cure, and given the size of this tumor mastectomy was my best course of treatment, malignant or not.

There was one small area very close to the skin where my surgeon was not able to get clear margins (meaning the diseased area was still present at the edge of what was removed), but my chance of recurrence is not much higher than had it been negative. We are electing a “wait and see” approach. No more mammograms on that side, but I will need to be vigilant with self exams so if a lump appears it can be excised.

I’ll admit … as thrilled as I am with my final diagnosis, I was disappointed that my chance of recurrence (with negative margins or not) is still in the 20-30% range. I had hoped this would be it, but that’s okay. I’ll take this “annoyance” over the alternative any day.

Overall, I am exceptionally grateful for this entire process. I mostly feel as well as (or better than) can be expected given what I have experienced. We have been overwhelmed (in a good way!) with love, support, meals, kiddie carpooling, and pretty much daily deliveries of flowers, gifts, books (so many books … you know me so well!) and more. The pain is more like discomfort and no longer requires medication, my drains may come out on Monday (please, please, please!), and my primary complaints are extreme fatigue, a weak right arm (physical therapy will follow), and trouble getting comfortable enough to sleep at night. The next phase of my reconstruction (inflation of the expander) is also likely to start on Monday, which I have been told is unpleasant, but this too shall pass.

Long post again, but so many of you have reached out to me and others to check in, this is the easiest way to spread the good news.

Now … is that Power Ball lottery thing still going on? I’m thinking I should probably buy a ticket. 😉

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