Goal Setting & Business Planning Systems Available!

If you have spent any amount of time at all around me or reading my posts here in the group then you know that goal setting and business planning are two of my very favorite topics. I met my match 13 years ago when I met Vicky Noufal. It is quite possible that she loves goal setting, and striving to achieve her goals, even more than I do. So you can imagine then how we have upped our game in this area since partnering together 2 ½ years ago to form the Platinum Group Real Estate team. It’s like a whole new level of dreaming, goal setting, planning, (and the most important part) doing, and I am thankful for her and our team of 21 phenomenal women every.single.day.

Since founding Empowering Women in Real Estate almost 3 ½ years ago I’ve often been asked to share my processes and systems, to teach classes on the subjects, to write a book about it all (in progress!), and often I have. But now, it’s time to take it to a new level too.

We’ve worked hard. Diligently and consistently improving our process for goal setting and business planning for years. This year we developed a formula based on my own personal tracking data for identifying how many contacts you need to reach your transaction goals. Specifically connecting the actions and activities to the goal you’ve set … you can’t reach the goal unless you know what it will take to get there and have a plan in place for how to do it.

And so, based on popular demand, we have now packaged our Goal Setting & Business Planning system and for the first time ever are offering it outside of our team. This system can be purchased for $99 and includes the worksheets and spreadsheets you need to document and analyze where you were business-wise in 2017, then take that data to help you to formulate your goal for 2018. With your goal set and knowing what you need to do in terms of contacts to get there, we also provide you with the framework for your marketing plan and budget so you can set yourself up for success now. In addition, we provide a video walking you through the steps. The system is simple and straightforward, and I know from personal experience, it works!

About that video … the content has lived in my head for a couple weeks now since we decided we were going to offer this. Vicky wanted notes, a script, I said we were just going to do it. This is the same conversation and process that we explain to our team. So yesterday, literally amid chaos (we had 146 pies ready to go for our reverse pop by event at our office, which was due to start in about an hour, then the toilet in our one and only bathroom started leaking) we put up a “filming in progress sign”, shut the door to our office and pressed record on my laptop. Our goal was about a 15 minute video walking through the documents in the package and the process. About 10 minutes in my screen times out and my screensaver pops up! It takes a few seconds for me to unlock the screen and we realize that the camera was still recording … relief! We were happy with what we had done so far, and we were determined not to over think, so we went with it and our little blooper is permanently immortalized in the video.

Isn’t that part of the lesson that we all need to hear? This time of year and the goal setting and business planning process can be demoralizing and frustrating if your year wasn’t great, and it can be incredibly scary if you had a fantastic year and now have the pressure to recreate and even surpass it. Nothing we ever do is going to be perfect. We can plan and prepare and research and try to recreate the wheel and become paralyzed in in-action and do nothing … or we can take action. Take a first step, get it done. When Apple rolls out their new iPhones there are always glitches. Some known, some figured out as they go, but they release them anyway and improve as they go along. If it’s good enough for Apple, then it’s good enough for me!

If you would like to purchase our Goal Setting & Business Planning package to help you launch into 2018 and have your best year ever, simply pm me or email me at [email protected] We will email you an invoice for the $99 which you pay online via Square Up with your credit or debit card, then we will share with you a link to the Dropbox full of all of the copyrighted materials and video.

It’s time for you to decide what your goals will be. Then commit to what it will take to achieve them, and then the success will come. Won’t you join us?

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