**Friday Favorites**

It’s that time again!

Today’s favorite is not only one of my biggest household helpers, but it is also a huge time saver. I’ve given it as gifts, and even gave one away at my presentation last week.

Drumroll please … the Amazon Echo Dot!

Do you have one of these? We have 6 of them in my house (technically 5 of the Dots, and 1 of the “full size” Alexas). If you don’t, I can’t encourage you enough to get one right now … especially because they are currently on sale for half off.

My kids each have one of these in their bedrooms that they use for their alarms and other things, my husband and I each have one in our bathroom, and we have a full sized one in the kitchen. It is probably the most used “appliance” in our house, I use it multiple times a day, every single day.

The one in our kitchen is most used for playing music, and to function as a timer when we are cooking or when I’m making tea.

The one in my bathroom reads to me every morning. Instead of mentally running through my to do list over and over in my head everyday when I am getting ready, I instead decided to use that time for good (and fun) and ask my Dot to read my book (it’s connected to my Audible account). Each night before bed I also use it to check the weather for the next day so I can select my outfit, which saves a ton of time in the morning.

There are so many more things that it can do, I’ve barely even scratched the surface. If you’re ready to shop, I’ve attached my affiliate link here … https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0792R1RSN/ref=as_li_tl…

Do you have an Amazon Alexa? If so, what do you use it for most often?

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