2019 Word Of The Year!

My word for 2019 is Brave.

Not necessarily brave like daredevil brave … jumping out of airplanes and the like. More brave like facing down hard things and moving forward, fear or not.

Bravely having difficult conversations.
Bravely facing exciting (but also scary) shifts in my business.
Bravely forging ahead with another surgery in the new year and some difficult family challenges

Brave can also be committing to taking better care of myself, stepping outside my comfort zone, allowing myself to be more open.

When the word first came to me, I was a little disappointed. I didn’t want brave … or rather maybe I don’t want to BE brave, but the more I sit with it the better it fits.

I’ve chosen a word for the year … my “theme”, if you will … for the last several. My word in 2018 was Grateful, and while I don’t always feel like I embraced it, I sure put it to use the last half of the year, and have truly been grateful. In 2017 my word was Simplify, and I feel like it was truly transformative and helped me to put aside all the extra “stuff” and focus only on what was most important to me. My 2016 word was Faith, during a year that it was desperately needed.

To help me to stay connected to my word, I will buy a couple little signs featuring my word or even frame a printout of it. I make sure I have one on the stand in my bathroom so it is the first thing I see each morning, and another on my desk or on my wall at work. It’s a fun tradition for me to put together the right ways to display it before the start of the year.

Will you choose a word for 2019?

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