Energy Management

We talk a lot about time management in our business, and it is very important (and truth be told, one of my favorite topics!), but what about energy management?
It doesn’t matter how great you are at managing your time and schedule, if you don’t manage your energy then you won’t be able to perform when you need to.
This is a hard lesson that I feel like I keep learning over and over again. I’ll push until I crash, and have no choice but replenish.
Sometimes I get it right. Like the day last week when I came home from our team training absolutely exhausted … and crashed on the couch. That nap may have only lasted about 30 minutes, but I woke up refreshed and ready to go.
Stepping away from my desk is another one. Taking a walk to the mailbox (either at home or when I am at my office) is usually enough to get me moving and the blood flowing again.
How do you manage your energy?

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