“Building a Story Brand”

I’ve just started listening to the book, “Building a Story Brand” by Donald Miller, and I’m already thinking of ways to redo and reposition all of my marketing!
There are so many good things. Much of the premise (at least that I have heard so far) is that the messaging that we use is often confusing, is too wordy, and requires our audience to expend too many “calories” trying to figure it out … then they have nothing left to determine whether or not they want to even work with us.
An example the author gives … when someone walks into a ballroom, say, for an event their brain consciously or subconsciously starts scanning the room and making note of the exits (among many other things that our brains are doing at any given time). The priority is safety and the best interests of the person. When they walk in, they don’t start counting the chairs, or even care that there are 400 chairs in the room.
But what do we do? Often when we market we are busy telling the consumer about the chairs, only that’s not what they care about. We are busy using terms that only make sense of us, telling them how good we are, and not what we can do for them … but the latter is primarily what the consumer cares about. Once it is clear what we can do for them, yes, then they will likely care how we will do it and what our qualifications are, but we shouldn’t start there.
What do you think? Some of this I have heard before, but this authors approach is a bit different than others than I have heard. Do you market this way?

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