A Little About Me…

Hi (new … and “old”) friends! I’ve been so fortunate to make so many new connections here since founding the Empowering Women In Real Estate group (now with over 10,000 members!) 5 years ago, that I thought this would be a good time to say hello and nice to “meet” you!
I’m a wife and proud mom to three rapidly growing boys, ages 15, 13 and 10. We have 2 dogs and 2 new kittens (that are dominating my IG and FB stories lately) and we are obsessed with all things Disney. I love that I never left my tiny little rural hometown where there is more than one road sign with my family names on them. I love Fall and Halloween, and anything seasonal really. Real Estate is my passion and has been for 17 years and counting. I’ve served in just about every role there is in the industry … agent on a rainmaker team, individual agent, managing broker, and now a team owner and real estate coach, learning new things about myself and this business all the while.
Most of all, I’m an encourager. A cheerleader. The person who believes in you when no one else does … and not only tells you that you can do it, but helps you figure out how. I see potential and possibilities in everyone and everything, and despite some pretty crazy anxiety at times (who doesn’t have that?), I strive everyday to choose faith over fear. A recovering control freak, I’ve learned (and am still learning!) to master my time and have been asked to speak or write on that topic in a variety of forums from large-scale conferences to local real estate publications.
I’m also all about the numbers. I track ALL.THE.THINGS. I’ve personally helped well over 700 families in my 17+ year real estate career. I teach and inspire (I hope) daily to you and the 10,000 other women in this group. I co-own a top producing real estate team consisting of 31 amazing women and 1 very brave man. I’ve gone on well over 1000 listing appointments as a listing specialist, and while actively selling real estate averaged selling 50-60 homes per year. I wrote 836 personal notes last year and did 389 pop bys. I’ve given more than 50 referrals this year and received 133. My team will help well over 400 families in 2019. We have 6 client events per year and mail more than 25,000 postcards. I coach and mentor 83 women (and a few good men) through my Empower Coaching program. I’ve read 20 books so far this year and am about to embark on my 14th trip to Walt Disney World with my family.
Helping women to grow flourishing real estate businesses on their terms without sacrificing their family or quality of life is my mission.
Introduce yourself below … I’d love to say hello! Where are you from?

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