Yesterday I shared a few of my favorite personal things, today I am sharing my 3 favorite business “things”!
1) I love, love, love my Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. I’ve used various versions of her planners for years, and currently am a fan of the weekly edition. I do write my appointments in it, but that is not my primary use as I rely on iCal for my calendar and appointment tracking. For me, it is all about my tasks and to dos. It’s a great system that works really well for me. And it’s super pretty too. 😉
2) My Referral Maker CRM has been a literal game changer for my business. You’ve probably heard me talk about this on podcast episodes before (check out episode 92 of Empowering Women in Real Estate – The Podcast, “All About That Database”), and while I don’t think any database management or CRM tool is perfect, this one is about as close as it gets for me, and at only $240 per year it’s a no brainer in my eyes. I’d easily pay 2-3x that amount.
3) Canva!! Today’s graphic (not my most creative, but still) and just about every other graphic or design you see me share I created in Canva. The free version is good, and the paid version is great! It’s super affordable and allows me to quickly and easily create just about anything I need for my business.
What are your favorite business “things”?

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