A couple weeks ago my business partner Vicky Noufal and I were talking about the places where we most like to use our money.
Of course experiences and investing are at the top of the list, but also we like to spend in places that will help to improve the lives of ourselves and our families and to help us save time.
This got me thinking about some of my favorite “things” that I have ever spent money on.
Ready? It’s an eclectic list, lol!
1) My Sleep Number bed. Yes, this thing was stupid expensive, but considering that I use it for 7-8 hours every single night and have for a few years (and will for certainly several more years at least) the cost per use is pennies. Seriously, the best sleep I’ve ever had. We tried one of these mattresses many years ago when they first came out and hated it. After struggling for several more years with “regular mattresses” we upgraded to this one three or four years ago and I can’t imagine ever going back!
2) Our whole house generator. I live out in the country, and we rely on power for everything down to running the water from the well to flush the toilets. Our power only goes out maybe a few times per year, but typically when it does it is out not just for a few hours, but sometimes a few days. The generator comes on automatically, fueled by our propane tank. I tend to be pretty anxious, and the piece of mind that this thing gives me is priceless!
3) The Litter-Robot. We love our cats, but I really don’t love cleaning the litter box. We’ve tried over and over again to make this a kid chore, but they never do it either a) frequently enough, or b) well enough, so I end up doing it. Enter The Litter-Robot. Again, pricey, but worth every penny. It runs itself (very different than the automatic clean litter boxes) and the app on my phone tells me when it is full. I just pull out the waste drawer, take out the bag, add another and done. Seriously, the best invention.
Okay … so those are 3 of my favorite personal things, what are yours?
PS: Watch this space tomorrow for my 3 favorite business things!

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