2017 Goals

I’m knee deep into winter break right now, and really enjoying it. Other than a home inspection for a friend and a settlement, I’m doing a lot of nothing this week and it’s fantastic. My husband and I started taking off this week between Christmas and New Years a couple years ago and it has fast become one of our very favorite weeks of the year. Yesterday we played games, ate leftovers, put together Lego sets and watched Monday Night Football (I stayed awake for the whole game … that never happens! … hence the late start this morning). Today will likely look very similar.

One of the things I like to “work” on this week is my personal goal setting. This is my second year using the Power Sheets workbook from Lara Casey (www.CultivateWhatMatters.com) and I really enjoy them. My business goals were largely set last month, so the focus for this is on myself and my family. There are quite a few prep pages that go through a series of questions for looking at what did and didn’t work during the passing year, identifying your true goals and priorities, etc. It takes a good bit of thought and consideration, so for me it works best to spend a few minutes here and there doing a page at a time.

I’ve learned that I busy myself to hold off the worry and anxiety. That means a lot gets done, but many times it isn’t what is most important or productive for the bigger picture. So for 2017 I’ve decided to keep it completely simple and am only setting 3 personal goals for myself related to my health, our finances, and my relationships with my husband and sons. I still plan to make a list of “projects” and tasks that I want to finish (cleaning out a closet, finishing my 2015 family scrapbook (that was a rough year), etc), but overall my focus will be on just a very few things.

They say that the days are long and the years are short. If you have children, this especially rings true. But still, so much can happen in a year. The time will fly by, it is so easy to get caught up in the stuff and the day to day grind that, for me anyway, if I don’t spend at least a little time intentionally planning and working in certain things that I want to do or accomplish before you know it the time is gone, and you can’t get it back.

What are you up to this week? Have you thought/planned out or set your goals and intentions for 2017?

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