“You only need to know the direction, not the destination.

The direction is enough to make the next choice.” -James Clear (Author of “Atomic Habits”)

I loved this quote from the weekly newsletter that I received from James Clear last week (highly recommend signing up for that one).

For me, I know that I often feel this pressure to know exactly where I am going. What is the goal? What is the destination?

Questions I get often … “How big do you want your team to be?” (we are a team of 40 right now), “What’s next? (in terms of team direction or our EWRE Inner Circle).

I’ll be completely honest and tell you that I have no idea.

Six years ago when Vicky Noufal and I started our team did we foresee what it has grown into? Absolutely not.

Seven years ago when I got the idea for Empowering Women in Real Estate and started this community did I think that we would eventually have events, a podcast, and a membership program? Not a chance.

While I certainly didn’t see the destination, I did clearly see the direction.

Helping women to grown abundant businesses on their terms. Leading others to success through the steps that I have used.

I’m not totally sure what’s next, but I do know the direction that I am going … and it’s more service, more impact, more teaching, more leading.

You don’t need to know the destination, only the direction.

Where are you going?

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