What are you teaching?

Yesterday I attended a workshop on time management and organization … two of my favorite topics! (A note for those in the Northern Virginia area, this was part of The Workshops, a monthly program by Tina Johnson and an offshoot of the Virginia Women’s Business Conference … be sure to check it out.)

Susan Kousek of Balanced Spaces was the first presenter and she mentioned this concept that we have talked about here before … you teach what you allow. We do this in our personal lives and in our businesses. Most certainly not on purpose, but it affects us none the less.

How many times have you answered a client call 9 pm at night (not when you are negotiating a contract), and then before you know it they are calling you late in the evening somewhat regularly? You’ve taught them that it is acceptable.

How often do you respond to a quick email from a client at 10:30-11 pm at night thinking you are being helpful and providing good service, and now they are emailing you every night expecting responses? You’ve taught them that you are working and responsive at that hour and it is okay.

It is also okay to teach what is acceptable and reasonable for you. When you get that late call, respond instead with a quick text, “I saw that I just missed your call. I’m getting ready for bed/getting my children to bed, may I call you in the morning?”. You’ve responded professionally, established a boundary, and I guarantee they won’t call that late again for something that is not urgent or time critical.

Do you have some habits in your business that you are allowing others to run your day? How could you “teach” something different? Hop on over to the Empowering Women in Real Estate group on Facebook and tell us in the comments!

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