I’m excited to announce my new venture, Guide to Waterfront Living!
Are you a licensed real estate agent that serves an area, community or neighborhood that offers homes that are waterfront or water view?
If so, I’d love to connect with you for an upcoming feature!
Guide to Waterfront Living aims to be the one stop shop for those who long for waterfront living.
I’ll be honest, this guide had a completely selfish start. As a water loving family of 5 in Northern Virginia, our dream, goal and plan for many years has been to identify the best waterfront location for our next home.
Here’s the problem though … we’ve yet to find one cumulative source of information that provides details not just on the places we’ve heard of, but more importantly, the places we haven’t!
Enter, the GUIDE! Here I’ll be putting into action my 19+ years of real estate experience and our Empowering Women in Real Estate community of real estate experts to provide THE resource for learning about the wonderful places for waterfront living across the United States … from the people who actually live and work there.
No arbitrary “best places” or “top ten” lists here, just quality information from a locals perspective AND resources for connecting with the top real estate experts (THAT’S YOU!) in those areas when our followers are ready to make their dream of living waterfront a reality.
If you would like more information or to be featured, please click the following link and complete the questionnaire.http://bit.ly/GWLAgentPartner

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