Time to move on.

Today I am giving you permission to move on.
You know the thing I’m talking about. The thing in your life or business that is no longer serving you. It was probably really great once, and you probably loved it, and it may even still be successful but you aren’t feeling it. You no longer enjoy it, and maybe even dread it.
Don’t feel guilty. Not everything is meant to be something that you do forever.
I’m giving you permission because I need it to.
If you follow me on social media you may know about my “Coffee Conversations” that I started in January. This came from a first quarter incentive for my team, and I decided to commit to weekly coffees for the entire year.
It started out great! At one point (pre-pandemic) I was averaging two a week instead of the one standing appointment on my calendar. I was enjoying deepening existing relationships and making new ones, and I know my favorite coffees shops were enjoying the social media coverage I provided for each one.
Then the quarantines started, and I decided not to give up and switched to “virtual” coffees via Zoom. Not as fun, sure, but it did the trick.
Then at some point it stopped being fun. Lots of reschedules and even some being stood up. It wasn’t even that, it was just that it no longer seemed to serve me, my life and my business.
So I decided to stop, thanks to permission from Marie Forleo’s book “Everything is Figureoutable”, and so I’m giving you permission too. Marie says that there is a difference between quitting or giving up and moving on or letting go of something that doesn’t serve you. I know that I am guilty of forgetting that.
Now it’s not that I am going to give up having coffees with people all together, but I’m likely not going to be doing anymore via Zoom, and they certainly won’t be once per week.
I’m excited to identify something new to pour that time and energy into. Just that thought has been feeling energized.
What will you move on from today?

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