Just a reminder to help you kick your week off on the right foot.
How do you talk to yourself?
“You’re so stupid”
“You’re not ready for that”
“You don’t know enough to help them”
“Of course they will choose someone else”
“I’m not ______________ enough (young enough, skinny enough, smart enough, pretty enough … the list goes on and on) to be successful in this business”
It’s not true. Any of it.
Instead try …
“I have the ability to learn what I need to know”
“What I lack in experience I more than make up for in enthusiasm”
“No one knows everything. I know how to find out the answers.”
“Some people aren’t my people, and that’s okay. There is plenty of business to go around.”
“I am MORE THAN ENOUGH to accomplish anything I choose. If I set my mind to it, am wiling to learn and work for it, I can do it.”
The way you speak to yourself matters … make it count!

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