The Unexpected In A Busy Day!

The Universe has quite the sense of humor.

I was SO tired this morning. Sitting in my favorite spot with my favorite mug figuring out what to write to you all before 6 am and all I could think was, “I’m so tired”.

Today is a jam packed day, no room for error. Appointments at 8:30 am (writing to you now from the first one, emergency orthodontist appointment), 10 am, 12 noon, 3 pm, 4 pm and 6 pm.

As I was sitting this morning thinking of how tired I am, I started to smell something. Something unpleasant. Something I’ve smelled before. I stayed in denial for a few minutes, then it was obvious.

Both dogs. Sprayed by a skunk. 6:15 am.

After a momentary pity party, my husband and I went to work. Separating them. Bringing them in through the unfinished side of the basement. Barricading them one by one in the basement bathroom for their baking soda-hydrogen peroxide-Dawn dish soap baths. Have I mentioned that they hate baths? They are 80 and 100 pounds each. It’s like wrestling a whiny, shaking, smelly bear to get them into the bath tub (my next house will have either a dedicated doggy shower or no dogs … the verdict is still out on this one, guess which way I’m leaning this morning?).

The dogs were clean and sleeping in their crates by 7 am. We have little bowls of vinegar all over the house to help trap the residual odors. I’ll repeat the baths tonight for good measure.

But guess what? No longer tired.

That’ll teach me.

Have a great day!

(Photo of Abby with her guilty face, not from this morning, this was the day she stole 9 freshly baked cupcakes off the kitchen island and devoured them wrapper and all without disturbing anything. So stealthy, with zero evidence, I blamed a kid before I realized who was really at fault. Naughty, naughty puppy!)

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