“The Best Yes” – A Giveaway

Yesterday I finished reading, “The Best Yes” by Lysa Terkeurst. There were so many things about the book that I really liked (see my previous post about “steering where you stare”). One of my favorites, I think, was about the fixed mindset versus the open mindset.

When you have an open mindset, you can see potential in yourself. That anything is possible. That where you are now, isn’t where you always need or will to be. An open mindset doesn’t avoid or fear change, and tends to focus on the possibilities.

A fixed mindset can’t see growth, or anything different than the right now (good or bad). It is intimated my anything and anyone different, and is afraid of change.

When I think back to when I was a little girl, I definitely had an open mindset (maybe most children do). I thought anything was possible, that I could do or achieve anything. Then somewhere along the way someone (probably well intentioned) or just life in general shifted my mindset. Convinced me that I shouldn’t, I wouldn’t be able too, and I shouldn’t even want too. When I think back to many of my challenges as an adult, those that were most difficult or stressful on me, occurred when I was coming from a fixed mindset. Those times that I have been focused on an open mindset (most especially the past few years), there have certainly still been challenges, but I feel like I have been more able to roll with the punches and handle them more gracefully.

Do you tend to operate from a place of an open or fixed mindset?

I’m done with my copy of the book now, and would love to pass it along! Comment on this post on Facebook between now and midnight, and tomorrow I will draw a winner and send you the book.

Have a great day!

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