Taking Action!

For a long time now I’ve had a dream in my heart for my future and this group. I suddenly realized this week that the fear of failure has been keeping me paralyzed from taking the next step.

These past 6 months I’ve made huge progress on our next steps. As of about 3 weeks ago I was THIS close to launch and just about ready to share it with you all.

Then I hit a little technological road block. Not a huge deal really, I just needed to spend a little time researching and fixing the issue. Probably an hour of focus is all I need to make this happen.

You know what though? I haven’t done it, and it finally dawned on me this week as to why.

I’m afraid that it won’t work, and this dream, this plan, this future that I have been imagining for such a long time won’t come to pass.

And so I sit here, in the in-between, allowing the fear of the failure to halt all progress.

Look, I know the answer here. The answer is to just do it. Stop thinking, stop planning, stop talking, stop dreaming and just do it already. Isn’t it better to take action and know than to stay still and dream?

Of course is it. I preach it and teach it all the time. I just didn’t make the connection that my inaction was really deeply rooted in fear.

So, on my to do list today is one thing and one thing only, and that is to take care of this little stumbling block so I can move on to the next step … and hopefully share it all with you next week.

What is fear holding you back from? Is there something you can do today, can you even take just the tiniest of steps to move you forward?

Share with us in the comments, or if you don’t feel comfortable sharing it here, pm me and we can hold each other accountable today on our one thing!

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