Some Light Bragging ….

I’d like to brag on my team for just a minute. I’m so proud of what these women accomplish on a daily basis. You will be hard pressed to find a group that is more dedicated, hard working, professional, and caring than this one right here.

(Photo from our annual goal setting and business planning retreat last Fall — I will be following the same format with the annual goal setting/business planning online session with Empower Coaching members)

When Vicky Noufal and I formed the Platinum Group almost 4 years ago we just wanted a place for our dearest friends to stay together and to be able to grow and be successful together and for us to have a way to shift more towards listings and a format for having our buyers cared for.

This has become so much more! The turning point, I think, was the formalization of our Client Care Program … our multi pronged approach for connecting with our clients, past clients, sphere, database, and geographic farm in a professional, fun, innovative, and valuable way. Never cheesy. Never sales-y. Always giving. Always.

We have taken what we have learned and used in our own successful businesses, and created a program that works. A program that is constantly evolving. We spend weeks every year each Fall with our Marketing Director Edyta Simmons creating and designing so we can balance that fine line between consistency of message and fresh and new. I hesitate to say that we have figured it all out, because we are constantly learning, trying and getting better, but darn it, we’re close.

I’m so excited now to be able to teach this system on a bigger level. We’ve met so many amazing women over the years that we have wanted to work with on our team, but let’s face it, there are limits. You can only grow so big, and grow so much at any given time without overtaxing the system. Now that I have a method to help more agents, to provide what we have that we know works, it’s a huge win-win!

What is the biggest hurdle you face when it comes to marketing in your business?

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