Social Media Tip

Having trouble fitting social media marketing into your day? Here’s one of my favorite timesaving tips …

Snap extra photos, video snippets and even boomerangs anytime you are out and about, and then use them later on for posts and stories.

Case in point … yesterday I was working with my videographer to film some b-roll for a branding video not related to my real estate sales business. I brought my 14 year old along, and he used my phone to snap some photos, videos and boomerangs of the “behind the scenes”. Now I can use that content for other posts and stories like this one here (you can see more on my business account Karen W Cooper, Realtor – Lovettsville Real Estate).

I’ve learned to do this most anywhere I go. See a beautiful backyard when you are showing properties? Take a photo. Spot a gorgeous flower? Take a picture. Meeting your photographer or videographer at your listing? Bring your sold or under contract rider and have them snap a photo or boomerang for you.

I’m also a big believer in branding shoots for YOURSELF. In 2 hours or less we can shoot a hundred or more images with a couple outfit changes. I keep a file of images in Dropbox that I can access from my phone for easy sharing. I also set up a separate folder for “photos used” that I will then move the photo to after I have posted it so I’m not using the same content over and over again.

What’s your favorite social media timesaving tip?

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