Room For Both Of Us!

The other day I was listening to a podcast (The Ed Mylett Show, episode featuring Jenna Kutcher … so good!) and I heard the most interesting thing.

Women don’t often go after their dreams, or even try, because they don’t think they can compete with someone who is already doing what they want to do, and so they don’t do it.

I would say that this is true for many of us. This has definitely been me before. I see someone doing something really well and just assume I can’t compete, so why bother?

But here’s the thing … what I bring to the table, what you bring to the table, they are different things. If not different in “product” they are different in delivery, we are different in personality, we are different in energy. Who is to say why someone may choose to work with you over me or vice versa?

This is why I have never been afraid to share what I do in my business. How I serve, my processes, my materials, all of it. Even if I give you step by step exactly what to do and how to say it (which I do, by the way, through Empower Coaching), the reality is that you will deliver it differently. That doesn’t make my way better or worse than your way, it just means that there is ROOM for BOTH of us!

There is enough business to go around. There are people who will want to work with you, you need to let them know that you want to work with them. We need to spend less time comparing ourselves, judging one another and deciding that we can’t because she can.

You can. I can. She can. We all can. Believe it, and in helping another woman to see that along the way you will both get there faster.

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