This past Saturday I spent the entire day online watching the Rachel Hollis RISExLive conference virtually along with a few friends (Leigh Anne Monk, Robin Bear Gebhardt, Karyn Embrey Carkin and Martha Holland Mason).
I’ll admit it … I was fully prepared to multi-task through the whole thing and skip out part way through, but you guys. IT WAS SO GOOD.
Like glued to my seat the whole time good.
Like 13 pages of notes good.
I don’t even know where to start to share all of the goodness with you.
So today, I will share just this one thought, courtesy of Dave Hollis’ talk … even though the year has turned upside down, you can still have your best year ever.
Those goals you set, that vision board you created for 2020? Just because things are a bit of a mess right now doesn’t change ANY of that.
Instead, we need to re-evaluate how we can make our goals happen WITH our current situation. IN SPITE of our current situation. DESPITE our current situation.
I love this thought so much. Will you share 1 goal with us for this year that you are hell bent on making happen?

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