When are you your most productive?

For me, hands down, it is the day before I leave to go on vacation.

I feel this urgent need to wrap up projects, clean out my email inbox and more.

I’m heading out of town in an hour or so, and so true to form last night I was knocking out work left and right. In a relatively short timeframe I completed multiple things that I had been procrastinating on for weeks. Once I got focused and “in the zone” (and with my phone and email turned off) it felt relatively quick and easy. What I thought was going to take me so much longer only took a fraction of the time.

The bad news is that I stayed up far later than I wanted to, and am only running on about 4 hours of sleep today. The good news though is that I am off on my trip with a clear mind, to do list and in box (to be fair, quite a few things are moved to my “to do” folder to deal with when I get back, but at least my in box is clear!).

Can you spend some time today creating your most productive environment/circumstances, at least for an hour or two? Turn off your phone, your email, all of your notifications. It is okay to be unreachable for a short period of time. This will help you to catch up, to have time (and mental space) to be creative and you too can move into the weekend with clarity and peace.

Happy Friday!

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