Do you have a tendency to procrastinate?

I am a master procrastinator. Sometimes I swear that it is my default setting. Things that are uncomfortable, seem hard, seem too complicated, aren’t exactly “right” or perfect I will put off and put off until in my mind this little task or activity has blown up to be this monstrous feat. Only when I do finally do whatever it is that I have been putting off I almost always find that it takes ⅓ of the time I thought it would.

In some ways I suppose procrastination helps me to be more productive. I can get millions of other little things done, because of course I am too busy to do that one thing that I really should be doing but am trying to avoid. Take prospecting for example. Many a day I tell myself that I don’t have an hour or 30 minutes to focus on prospecting or generating new business because I am so very busy researching this, re-doing that, cleaning up this, running this errand, preparing for appointments, making a grocery list. All of those little things are important and need to get done too, right?

Sometimes I procrastinate because I am overwhelmed with something I need to do. It seems too big. I will think and think and think on it, which will not only keep me from getting it done but takes on so much extra mental “space”, even more than I realize, that it impacts everything else too. The relief I feel when it is finally done is practically euphoric.

Is any of this sounding familiar to you?

So how do we stop? (Seriously, I’m asking, how do we stop?)

I will say that as I am getting older, and especially once I identified this little habit of mine, I’m much more able to push through my tendencies and just get “it” (whatever the big it is) done. I understand the toll it takes on me and my business when I put the most important things off, and I also understand the reward for getting them done. That pushes me to put fear and perfection aside and just do the damn thing already!

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