One of my very favorite sessions at the Virginia Women’s Business Conference last week was led by Richa Badami. There were so many things that she said that resonated with me, I ended up taking 3 pages of notes.

She says that it is all about the “practice” and that you will get really good at what you practice.

That makes sense, right? I’m forever telling my 12 year old son to practice his instrument (baritone), his teacher recommends that they practice 15 minutes per day. During baseball season my two oldest boys practice hitting baseballs in the front yard every day. My youngest son is learning to read, and so we practice by reading a book a day. Professional athletes practice for hours and hours. Want to run a marathon, you have to practice. We all know this.

But did you know that it can go the other way too?

What do you say about yourself, your business? You aren’t good enough, there isn’t enough business, your clients don’t really want to hear from you that often, online leads are crap, you need someone else to provide leads for you, you can’t do it on your own. How many times have you said or thought those things or something similar? The words roll off your tongue effortlessly, without a second thought, or even a thought at all. That only comes from one thing … practice.

Instead, practice something new. Don’t call it a mantra if that seems too out there for you, it’s just practice. Practice reminding yourself that you are capable, that you are a good wife-mom-friend-business woman. Remind yourself that you are good at what you do, that your clients are delighted to hear from you, that you offer valuable information and experience to the world, and that needs to be shared. The more you practice these words, thoughts and feelings, the better you will become at them.

What will you practice?

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