Summer is here and the living is easy!

Well, maybe sometimes a little too easy. Have you ever experienced a summer slump? Or, more likely, a fall slump resulting from a little too much summer fun?

I say there is no such thing as too much summer fun AND you can keep your business humming along at the same time.

Enter … Super Summer Bootcamp! If you’ve ever done this program with me before, this year’s edition is much, much different.

If I had to tell you 1 thing that has revolutionized my business it is my Daily Business Builders. My daily habits for “prospecting” and staying in touch that I can adjust based on my phase of life and business.

For this year’s Super Summer Bootcamp I will be walking you through each of the 5 components, with a challenge for each one. My hope is that you will see just how doable these habits are and will make them a regular part of your business. Even if you just complete this challenge one time, I hope that it will give you an infusion of energy and activity into your business this summer!

Today’s episode is our introduction … why you need to do this, how to do it, and the prep you need. 

Let’s go … who will join us!

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