Podcast Episode 12: Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Join A Team

Welcome to the latest episode of Empowering Women in Real Estate – The Podcast!

Today I want to offer you specific markers you can use to know if you are ready to join a team and how to pick the team model that is right for you.

I’ll share my experiences over 18 years of doing business, being part of a rainmaker team and knowing when moving on. I’ll also share the reasons why some team models can be ideal for more experienced and established agents.

If you are considering a team, be sure to take into account and fully understand these aspects:- What is the lead rotation system? – What are the splits? – What are the expectations of the team, especially time-wise? I’ll also share some of my tips for assessing teams that you are considering before joining them. Be sure to click subscribe to be notified every Wednesday when our latest episode is released, and I hope you will consider leaving a review! 

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