Podcast Episode 11: Team Building Q&A

What questions do you have about starting your own Real Estate Team?

On this week’s episode of Empowering Women In Real Estate – The Podcast, I am answering all of our questions from A-Z as I chat with Amber Cook & Tania Willis of Keller Williams Revolution in Bloomington, Illinois. These ladies are considering starting their own team and you get to listen in as we chat 1-on-1!

We will cover questions like …

How do you know when you’re ready to start a Real Estate Team? What should you look for in a partner? What legal documentation do you need to begin? What is the best way to structure splits? Are there certain policies you’ve put in place to ensure best practices in your business? How and when do you hire new members of your team? Take a listen and let me know what you think! Are there questions you have that I didn’t cover? Be sure to listen to episode 10 when I talk more about the process of starting my own team. If that doesn’t answer your most burning team-building questions, please message me! I’d love to answer your questions in a future episode!

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