Podcast Episode 10: How to Build a Real Estate Team

Today on Empowering Women In Real Estate – The Podcast, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned about how to build a successful real estate team! My business partner Vicky Noufal and I have built a real estate team (Platinum Group Real Estate Team at Pearson Smith Realty) that we are very proud of, consisting of 35 amazing women and moms and 1 very brave man!

In 2019 we proudly served 444 families with their real estate needs, and 2020 marks our 5th year in business! This team-building topic is one that other agents ask me about quite often so I wanted to pull back the curtain and tell you how we did it! 

First and foremost, we identified what type of team we wanted (and what we didn’t want), as well as clarifying our partnership agreement and setting it up legally.  In this episode I cover a ton of details … and honestly feel like I am a little bit all over the place, there is so much to share on this topic!  

Like what happens when major life events take you out of the picture for a period of time, how do you run your business?  Like how to recruit and hire in a way that allows the strongest candidates to stand out.  Like how to build a culture that feels like a family and how to structure splits that are fair to everyone.  I’ll discuss a few different options for real estate team business models, specifically rainmaker teams and whether that model is right for you, and why it wasn’t for us.  To learn more about the wonderful team we’ve built visit https://bit.ly/2HvuXIv, or follow me on Instagram @karen.w.cooper and check out “My Team” in my profile highlights.  Take a listen and let me know what you think!

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