Plan of the Week

Here is your Empowering Women In Real Estate Plan of the Week for April 6-10, 2020, brought to you by Empower Coaching!
It’s been another week in quarantine … (I feel like there should be a song about this)
As time is going on I am hearing from more of you and more of my friends that you are struggling. I get it. Don’t feel guilty or bad about it. I’d say it is pretty normal to not feel normal right now. There is literally no playbook for this pandemic thing, and therefore no right or wrong way to feel.
I’ll tell you what I do know though … if you don’t spend at least *some* focused, proactive timing working on your business right now, you WILL regret it later.
If you have been struggling, can you devote 1 HOUR PER DAY this week on your business? I know you can. Start with 1 hour. Focus on 1 task per day. You can do this. Your future self will thank you.
Let’s get started …
-Write 5 personal notes. It’s the beginning of a new month, so this is a great time to send birthday cards and home purchase anniversary cards. I do not include my business cards in these. In my birthday cards I include $5 gift cards to a coffee shop. For the home anniversary cards if it is their first year in their new home, then I send a customized $50 Home Depot gift card. For subsequent years I typically include a $10-15 Amazon gift card. DO NOT overthink this. If you absolutely do not have the funds in your budget to include a gift card, then don’t, but DO send the card with a note inside. If you don’t have extra gift cards laying around, then print them off online. You can do that with Amazon, and probably Starbucks too.
-Post 5 business social media posts. Easter is this Sunday. How about a post or two on creative ways to celebrate from home? Either featuring a local business that is delivering meals or gift baskets, or tips for staging your own successful at home egg hunt. Work in one or two posts about how you are handling business right now. Perhaps an update on what is happening in the local market … number of new listings or contracts over the past week, and/or an update on options if they need to buy, sell or rent right now.
-Send your April Vendor Postcard. This one should be a CINCH right now. I would be willing to be that there are a ton of local businesses that would love the extra exposure right now. I am going to talk more about the options and some ideas for switching this up right now if you have done it in month’s past, as well as instructions if this is a first time for you during our Weekly Quick Lesson tomorrow around 9:30 am EST via Facebook Live in the Empower Coaching group.
-Add 5 people to your database. You may need to get creative on this one. If you’ve been self-isolating already for a couple weeks then you likely haven’t been out as much to meet new people … but what about your neighbors? Are there neighbors that you don’t have on your database? How about the folks you are connecting with on social media.
-Contact 15 people. Break it down. Can you proactively contact 3 people per day? I know you can. Simple script … “Just checking in … How are you holding up?”. Listen. That’s it. Work your way through your database.
Do you find these plans helpful or wish you had more details, guidance and accountability? Just a reminder that for a limited time my Empower Coaching program, of which this plan is the foundation, is FREE! I’m committed to helping my fellow real estate agents, lenders, title executives and more to stay connected with their businesses during this historic world event, and to come out the other side with their businesses intact. If you would like to join our FREE coaching program, look for the link in the pinned post in this group, or search for “Empower Coaching by Karen Cooper” and request to join.
Make it a great week!

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