Plan Of The Week!

It’s Monday, so you know what that means …

Here is your Plan of the Week!

-As per usual, write 5 notes this week. These are important and effective … that’s why they appear on your plans every week! This week focus on gratitude.

-Have you been following along the last couple weeks on planning a summer client event? If so, then by now, you should have selected your date and what kind of event, and then last week you identified your venue and put together your client invite list. This week I want you to create your invites (Canva is a great option for creating an invite that you can print or a graphic to text or email), and identify vendors that you can partner with to help with the event. Whether your vendor is going to sponsor the food or music, or maybe even a giveaway, start planning this now.

-Post 2 business social media posts … remember, your settlement photos and listing posts don’t count. This week, I would love for you to try a Facebook Live. These are easy, the Facebook algorithm loves them (which means more of your followers will see it … and you!), and it will feel less scary the more you do it! Start small and easy this week by going Facebook Live to share one of your favorites. If you have a listing, go live to share your favorite feature of the house. If you don’t, then go live to share your favorite neighborhood, local coffee shop, feature in a model home, the options are endless.

-Summer is here … and it will be over before we know it. Whether you have children who are home from school for the summer or not, I want you to take some time today to identify your summer schedule. A robust business is little good if it means sacrificing the good in your life. Can you designate a few hours or a day each week for play? Maybe it’s sitting by the pool, taking a hike with friends, or going on an outdoor adventure. Have you blocked off your vacation time yet? My post last Tuesday (May 29th) was all about how to make this happen). Be intentional with the planning and use of your time.

Did you hear the news that I will be announcing my new coaching program later this week? I hope you have enjoyed and found these plans of the week helpful for the direction of your business. They will continue here in the group but will be a more simple “what” to do. I’ll go far more in depth on the “how” in the coaching program. You won’t want to miss the announcement and opening of the program later this week … in honor of Empowering Women In Real Estate’s 5 year anniversary next month, the first 50 coaching members will receive VERY special pricing. Sign up here to be among the first to be notified …

Make it a great week!

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