Plan Of The Week!

It’s time for your Plan of the Week!

As we are about to embark on the summer months, this week will include a good bit of planning

Let’s go!

1) Write 5 personal notes. Your focus this week will be “congratulations”. My social media feeds right now are full of graduations … preschool, college, kindergarten and I bet yours is too. These are a great focus for your notes. You could even include a little gift card for the graduate (ice cream for little kids) or for the parents (Total Wine is a great one!). Take a little scroll through social media, and I am SURE that you can find at least 5 people to congratulate for something.

2) Post 2 business social media posts … it’s the end of the month, so a fun collage of your settlement photos/houses you have sold this month would be a great post! Another idea would be to share a late Spring/Summer home maintenance tip.

3) Now is the time to start thinking forward for a summer client event. But you’ve never held a summer client event (or any client event)? I promise you, they are easier than you think … and there are plenty of less expensive/low budget ways to do this. For right now, this week I want you to decide what you will be doing and to pick a date. That’s it. Don’t over complicate this. Your event could include 100 people, you could partner with another agent, or you could include 10 people.

My team will be doing a summer winery/brewery event in July, but earlier this year we did an awesome event at the movies, which would also make for a fun and family friendly (and cool when the summer temps get high!) summer event. You can purchase my complete How To Guide that walks you through every single step for before, during and after in the Shop at

4) Decide what you will do for your summer pop bys and to whom. Whether you do 1 option for the entire summer, or a few options that you rotate based on the month. Make your list of who you want to pop by (always start with your A+/A clients), and then start brainstorming ideas. You can always find fun ones on Pinterest, or at My team has 4 super fun ones that we are doing this summer. I’ll be sharing those on Thursday.

5) Identify your vacation coverage. I am officially challenging you to take a REAL vacation this year. It can be done! I’ve been doing it for 15+ years in my business and at every phase … when I partnered with another agent and we traded off, when I had a part time assistant, and now with full time help. I’ll be sharing more about my time tested process for this tomorrow.

Make it a great week!

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